1. Before a child can be enrolled, the parents together with the child should come for an interview with the principal for the purpose of knowing the commitment of the parents towards the education of their child and school policies.
  2. For new students, diagnostic tests must be taken to determine the level of curriculum the child can perform. Returning students and students entering from a school that uses School of Tomorrow curriculum need not take a diagnostic test again
  3. After submitting all requirements and upon Principal's recommendation, parents may enroll the child by paying the registration fee, miscellaneous fee, computer literacy, advance payment for PACEs and first month's tuition fee.
  4. The succeeding monthly payments must be paid on or before every month's end.


Parent's are required to attend the following:

  1. Parent Orientation - held a week before opening of classes.
  2. Parent-Teacher Conferences - held after every quarter and whenever required.
  3. School activities such as: Recognition Day - held each qurter end on which awards and honors for deserving students are given; Family Day - as scheduled.



  1. A student is allowed 10 unexcused absences per quarter. Excess of these absences will mean expulsion from the school.
  2. The following are considered excused absences: Illness/Medical Appointment, Family Activity, Death in the family, Church Activity - certified by Pastor.


  1. Student arriving late for morning exercises or for any class in the morning or afternoon must obtain an admission slip from the office to be handed to his/her supervisor.
  2. Three (3) tardiness without valid reason is equivalent to one (1) unexcused absence.


Daily Uniform:

For Kindergarten and ABC of ACE:

Girls: Navy blue skirt or culottes & CAB P.E. shirt

Boys: Navy blue shorts & CAB P.E. Shirt, rubber or tennis shoes of any color

For Levels 1 to 12

Girls: Prescribed white blouse, red & blue bow, navy blue pleated skirt plain white socks, black shoes

Boys: White shirt jack with CAB badge on pocket, navy bluepants, plain white socks, black shoes

P.E. Uniform

Girls: Navy blue skirt or culottes & CAB P.E. shirt
Boys: Navy blue shorts (knee length or longer) & CAB P.E. Shirt, white socks, rubber shoes of any color

Gala Uniform

Girls: White long sleeved version of daily uniform, white bow white pleated skirt, plain white socks and shite shoes

Boys: White or cream Barong Tagalog, black pants, plain black socks and black shoes.



  1. A child is given two (2) demerits without any disciplinary action.
  2. The third demerit received means a detention must be served by the child the following day in which he will bring home a Corrective Action notice informing his parents for the reson for the corrective action and the number of minutes he will be detained after school hours the next day. The child must return the slip, signed by a parent.
  3. Detention slips will be given to minor offenses in the learning center such as : disobedience, goal and scoring violations, etc.

Disciplinary Measures

Disciplinary measures will be given to students at the first offense for the folowing moral violations:

  • Rebellious behaviour toward teachers and any CAB Ministry team
  • Stealing
  • Vandalism (willful destruction of school or student property)
  • Intentinal inflicting of physical harm upon any school staff or fellow student
  • Bringing pornographic material or deadly weapons to school.

Disciplinary Probation

The folowing students are put on disciplinary probation:

  • Transfer students with failing grades in deportment
  • Any student under discipline for any of the violations mentioned above
  • Any student receiving a grade lower than 75% for deportment or Character building

Corporal Correction - will be applied to students having repeated offenses after warning has been given.

  1. Offense will be clearly discussed with the student;
  2. The principal will discuss Scriptural applications;
  3. A reasonable number of firm strokes will be administered using a flat paddle;
  4. A staff witnesses as the student will b presented and administered;
  5. The parent may be asked to come to school to admiinister the spanking in case the student refuses to submit to paddling'After administering the strokes, the principal will pray with the student, assuring him/her of their love. Student will then be assured of his/her value and worth;
  6. A written record will be made of the date, offense, number of strokes, name of correcting staff member and witness.


At the discretion of the school administration, a student may be suspended temporarily or expelled permanently from the school shoud there be any repeated offense after paddling has been administered or if these student or his/her parents are not supportive os school policies.



No ID, no school entry for all levels. In case of lost ID, student should request for replacement immediately and pay the amount charged for a new ID

Communication Envelope

Each child, (the eldest, incase of two or more children enrolled in the school) will be brnging home a communications envelope from time to time contatining school notices, statements of account, invitation to official school affairs and other letters addressed to parents. Parents are required to sign on the space across each date indicated on the back of the envelope and have the child return the envelope the next school day.

Parents / Yayas

The school discourages parents/yayas and other caretakers to remain within the school premises during class hours. They will only be allowed inside during lunch break from 11:30 am - 12:30 pm.

School Canteen/Procedures

  • School canteen will be open from Mondays to Fridays to serve children's food and beverages.
  • Eat only at designated area
  • Junk food, chocolates and softdrinks are not allowed during recess and lunch time. Nutritious food and fruits are highly recommended.
  • Make sure tables are cleaned after eating
  • Trash must be thrown in wastebaskets available in the area

Lunch Pass/Gate Pass

  • Students are not allowed to leave CAB premises for lunch unless he/she has a current school year Lunch Pass. Parents may fill out a lunch pass application and Parental Waiver form availaleat the school's office.
  • For security reasons, any person that is not recognized by the security guard or know personally will not be allowed to enter the school premises. Gate Pass application forms are available at the school's office.

Security Guard

A security guard will be stationed at the gate from 7:15 - 5:30 pm. Students are not encouraged to come to school too early, before the guard assumes his post, nor to remain in the school premises beyond 5:30 pm.

Toys and Computer Games

No toys or compter games will be allowed within the schol premises. Confiscation of such will be strictly implemented.

Jewelries and Accessories

Wearing of jewelries and accessories in school is strongly discouraged. The school will not take responsibility for any loss of valuables.


Cellphones should be turned off during class hours.


Broken property or marks are to be replaced by the student making the offense.