(Our parents have made the following statements:)

We recognize that the Bible places primary responsibility on the home for education, especially on fathers. In seeking to put our child (or children) under the spiritual umbrella of this church and school, we are asking the school to educate our children based on Biblical principles and to operate en loco parentis (in place of parents).

We have confidence in this school’s abilities to perform at their discretion the educational functions due my child.

We recognize that from time to time children take issue with actions that they do not agree with and are prone to criticize statements out of context. This being normal with children, we pledge that should such an incident occur, we will correct our child, support the school personnel and call in for full details whenever we have a question or doubt.

We recognize that building strong relations between the home and the school is as much our responsibility as it is the school’s.

Therefore, we covenant to:

  • Pray for the staff and the school programs
  • Cooperate with them in discipline, accepting their judgment in these matters
  • Lay a spiritual foundation of godly example in the home
  • Follow through with any work, assignment, project, or slips to be signed.
  • Ensure that the child reaches the school on time for all functions
  • Keep communication lines open by attending parent functions
  • Cooperate in training the child to respect school property and paying for such if damaged or destroyed by my child
  • Pay all bills on time, realizing that the school is a non-stock, non-profit institution
  • Avoid harming the school’s reputation by speaking ill of it and its programs.